About Us

The Magnificent Kwan Yin Centre is managed by Master Erranee Jodheea. She is a Mauritian and has been working in the energy field since a long time.

Her healing includes working with Mother Kwan Yin, Angels ,Archangels , Ascended Masters and other Light Beings.

She teaches Reiki, Angel Healing, Money Reiki,Pyschic Protection,Shamanic Healing,Feng Shui,Magnificent Kwan Yin Healing Energy, Past Life Regression,Meditation. She also provides conselling on appointment basis.

So many miracles have been experienced by clients through healing and other techniques.

Comment from a Student: ” Master Erannee Jodheea is a Transformational Catalyst and she helps us coming out from the lethargy of our lives and she helps us become more conscious and be aligned to our Mission . Meeting with her have been a wonderful experience and gift.”