Nature Cure Therapy is one among the best therapy since ages. You can change completely shifting your thinking, behaviour and situation at a different angle with Positive, Cosmic and Divine energies. The quest begins with spiritual courses where one will get the knowledge. It is food for the soul.

Welcome to the Magnificent Kwan Yin Healing World !

Once you enter the palace of Kwan Yin, you start enjoying life fully. You have been seeking to see the truth and live the truth. NOW is the right time to open your eyes. All stress, tension, fears, phobias, pain, anxiety and the feelings of seeing yourself apart or different are all being removed with the veil.

You are searching for something but you don’t know what it is, searching here and there. You will discover what you are searching. You are going to taste the Nectar (Holy Drink).

You’ll  be transformed into Light, Love and Truth. You become a person with more joy, peace and confidence. You discover your essence and who you really are. You feel the Oneness and connection to the Divine. There is more you have to discover about yourself .

In this age of Aquarius, humanity needs healing at all levels.Like a Mother who cares her child,Mother Kwan Yin supports us as we start in life and at all levels.Love and Compassion is her intimate nature and her healing is gentle and soothing like a fresh breeze in summer.Mother Kwan Yin is here to help us grow from the mud of Life and come out as a beautiful Lotus, Pure and Magnificent as her wondrous nature.

The Magnificent Kwan Yin Centre at St-Julien D’Hotman is a tribute to her.

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